Jamie Phan 🚀

👨‍🦱 About Me

Hello, I am Jamie Phan. He/Him. I am a Software Engineer graduated from University of Leicester - Computer Science. Projects ideas came randomly. I also like creating "automation" and "convenience" tools that takes days or even weeks to develop just to save a few minutes.

Knows how to cook a perfect scramble egg 🥚. Learning how to make Cheese 🧀. Hates Aubergine (Eggplant) 🍆.

You can find me from my Personal Website, Email and GitHub.

Thank you for visiting my website.

(Also, try pressing "Shift + Q" on Desktop computer!)

📜 Projects

A collection of some Projects that I did in the past. More to be listed...

Heroes of the Storm:

Try Mode 2.0

A modified Try Mode Map for Heroes of the Storm to create a better experience with enhanced functionalities. It includes many building tools and will automatically build multiple maps for download.


A Tool to extract all the S2MA files, as well as acting as a storage for Try Mode 2.0's map building automation.